Meet the Artists

Meet some of the creative talent behind the beautiful items we have for sale.

Introducing Sarah Creason


Why art? This is my “encore career”. After years of 8 to 5 traveling Indiana, I began thinking of my legacy.

I awakened to life which gave me certain freedoms which I never allowed myself before. I wanted to leave the world a better place than when I entered it.

More than ever, people need beauty in their lives. I strive to capture in my impressionist style a true sense of place and an emotional reaction to it. I am pleased when people express a feeling of “being there” when viewing my work.

That’s my inspiration.

A sign in my studio reads “You are here for the joy and delight of your soul” an Amish saying about life on Earth.

-Sarah Creason

Catch-A-Cria Alpacas

Catch-a-Cria Alpacas — Jenny Grover

Established in 2007, Catch-a-Cria Alpacas is a small farm located just outside of Fort Wayne, Indiana owned by Jenny Grover. Even though we are small, you will find both Suri and Huacaya alpacas on our farm. We love showing off our variety to family, friends, and farm visitors.

You can find 100% alpaca hand-woven rugs and skeins of alpaca yarn at BōRō.

Brad Every, Everyworks, LLC

From a young age, Brad Every of Everyworks began inventing and building imaginative creations. From forts in the living room, and large scriptures with his favorite toys growing up, Legos. His parents noticed his passion for creativity early on, and nurtured it by fueling his imagination, and growing his Lego collection. His father, a handy jack of all trades, taught him the practical side of inventing and building around the house. His mother, a skilled artisan and decorator, taught him to harness his imagination. As he grew older, Brad began to focus on architecture and engineering in school. He shifted towards electrical engineering, which he studied at Purdue University. However, a knack for mechanical engineering, and design stuck with him as well.

During the heyday of motorcycle and fabrication shows on the Discovery channel, Brad became interested in welding and metal fabrication. His thought was a lot of people do woodworking, but not many work with metal. He invested in welding gear in order to learn the processes of MIG and TIG welding with mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. The investment paid off as word quickly spread that he was handy with metal. Brad founded Everyworks, LLC in 2011 due to the high demand for his skill for inventing problem solving creations for individuals and businesses alike.

Though most of his work are functional pieces rather than artistic, Brad still turns out metal artwork pieces when possible. He has recently expanded his operations into the realm of vintage industrial and farmhouse inspired furniture. Here he has carved out a niché for finishes on both metal and wood. He combines traditional and modern techniques to create truly one of a kind finishes. One such finish is inspired by the ancient Japanese technique known as Shou Sugi Ban, which is a technique of charring the wood with fire. As a matter of fact, you can see this finishing technique on the sign outside of our storefront.

The Everyworks tag line is “An artistic eye, with an engineering mind”, which perfectly fits its founder’s focus on form and function.