The Creative Talent Behind The Sign

Meet Brad Every. He is the creative talent who made the sign for BōRō . Though most of his work are functional pieces rather than artistic, Brad still turns out metal artwork pieces when possible. He has recently expanded his operations into the realm of vintage industrial and farmhouse inspired furniture. Here he has carved out a niché for finishes on both metal and wood. He combines traditional and modern techniques to create truly one of a kind finishes. One such finish is inspired by the ancient Japanese technique known as Shou Sugi Ban, which is a technique of charring the wood with fire. You can read his full bio here. You can these barn doors in the shop! Hint, look at some of the pieces used for display and you'll see more of Brad's talent!


Art by Sarah Creason

We are pleased -- make that thrilled -- to offer art by Sarah Creason. A local artist who was just accepted into the Hoosier Salon. You can see some her work here

Sarah Creason