BōRō’s New Space

Hello there! There’s so much going on at BōRō that I’m not sure where to begin, except with a big THANK YOU!!! We’re happy to report that BōRō is moving into a new, larger space — and that expansion wouldn’t be possible without the support of each and every one of you! We’re so grateful!

It's been an absolute pleasure and blessing to be able to get to know so many of you personally when you visit us. We consider you first and foremost our friend, and we love helping you find those special “somethings” that enhance your wardrobe, make your home special, help you care for yourself and your family, and bring you joy. Could anything be more fun?

Rest assured, you’ll still find all the wonderful things you’ve come to expect from BōRō at our new location at 164 N. Main Street in beautiful Roanoke, Indiana — right next door to our old space. And many of our awesome lines will be expanding now that we have more room. We love spoiling you and we’re tickled to bring you more of what y’all have come to enjoy from us!

What will be new and different in BōRō s new space? First, you'll find even more curated items that we couldn’t display in our previous, limited space. There are so many wonderful artisans and boutique companies, as well as opportunities to scout the fabulous out there, and now BōRō will have the space to accommodate these one-of-a-kind and rare pieces. We will also have space to offer more fashion accessories, so please drop by when you need that perfect enhancement to complete a look that will be special to you alone.

We’re also excited to be able to answer one of the most common requests we’ve had from you: with more space, we can offer even more curated home decor! As many of you know, I spent the last decade in the interior design business and now BōRō will be able to offer more selected, unique decor items to help you artfully furnish your personal spaces. We’re so excited!

I love chatting with you and helping find your heart’s desire that will complete your look, personalize your home, help keep your family healthy, and make your life special and joyful. Please come in to say hello and see our sunny, cozy new space!