BōRō Style Is Curated Based On A True Love Of Things That Mean Something

I love helping people make their homes more beautiful, more personal, and more, well, homey! I spent more than a decade as an interior designer doing just that, sharing my passion with so many wonderful clients. Through those years, many of my friends and clients asked if I would ever open a shop of my own, where I could share the wonderful decor and personal items I was finding. And I had, in fact, considered opening a boutique. But completely changing my life was a big decision. And even more important, what would I carry in my shop? There are so many styles and things I’m passionate about! My love for home decor, jewelry, gifts, and the little personal indulgences we all treasure made it difficult to choose.

So when I opened BoRo last fall, I decided to offer as much as I could of everything I’m passionate about, which of course made perfect sense! I’m a designer who loves eclectic style, not “builder-grade” or “theme-of-the-day” style. The BoRo style is curated based on a true love of things that mean something - that have value - leaving the ubiquitous “trend of the moment” to those who wish to follow the masses.

Our goal at BoRo is to present you with a broad range of options for creating your own look for your home and yourself, a style you can feel comfortable with and enjoy with the confidence that you’re expressing your own uniqueness, with style and flair. We combine the new and cutting edge with the beautiful patinated luxury of the vintage - older items carefully curated based on my experience as an antique dealer on the East Coast. I started as a collector of fine porcelains, Meissen, Sevras, Old Paris, Minton, etc. and branched into high-end, fine furniture, such as Linke and Dassan. (As a side note, my momma is very proud to take credit for this, since she started taking me along on her antique-hunting sojourns when I was just four years old!)

BoRo is so excited to offer selected pieces from my personal collection of classic items as well as special items from my carefully cultivated sources. Stop in often to see what we’re offering - our selection changes literally daily!

I’ll be happy to help you showcase some of these wonderful pieces in your home. And if you own a fabulous piece you’d like to pass on to another loving home, please come talk to me - we’re always looking for that something special!

BoRo Style